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All on 4 Dental Implants Success – Wendall, Arkansas

Wendall found our dental clinic in Tijuana from YouTube. He had been doing extensive research for several months on the All on 4 procedure, he was getting married and wanted to look and feel his best for the wedding. This being such an important milestone decided he wanted to make sure he took the best decision, this meant choosing the clinic with the best options to offer. We were in contact with him for a couple of weeks addressing any questions and concerns he had before taking the decision to visit us from Arkansas.

He previously suffered from gum disease that had ultimately, damaged the majority of his teeth in his top arch. As for the bottom arch, the doctor informed him it was still salvageable since he still had most of his existing teeth in good condition, there was no need for an ALL ON 4 on the bottom arch.

Our doctors set their focus on rehabilitating the top arch with an all on four. A total of 4 implants were placed to sustain the fixed prothesis. Wendall’s final restoration was with teeth, color and shape of his choosing.

The implant restoration was a success! Always wishing him a Happy marriage full of blessings!