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This complete procedure of full mouth reconstruction in Tijuana Mexico, can completely return the functionality of your mouth and even reverse years of poor care and the natural effects of aging due to the lack of healthy teeth…!

It can also give you the Hollywood smile you have been looking for! Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico offers you the great advantage of saving thousands of dollars in your treatment. Our modern oral restoration techniques are based on a personalized approach to your needs and goals.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico combines a series of modern techniques and procedures that you can see on our website. Our modern facilities, state of the art equipment and certified staff of dentists in Mexico make it possible to perform complete restorations in the shortest amount of time and with the highest quality.

A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico, can return all your teeth and rebuild a smile of natural appearance. If you have lost any or all of your teeth due to poor hygiene, decay, trauma, injury, fracture, very worn teeth, etc. Full Mouth Reconstruction in Tijuana can be the solution to what your teeth and mouth need!

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Kenneth, Hawai - ALL ON 4
How do I know if I need to remove all my teeth or if I’m in need a complete Full mouth reconstruction?


It is one of the questions most asked by our patients before beginning a total full mouth reconstruction in Mexico treatment. Most of our patients from the USA and Canada, prior to coming, have already visit their local dentists or other dentist in Tijuana. Whom recommended the extraction of all their teeth and use of removable dentures. Another option provided is the All on 4 procedure with fixed prostheses on implants. However; in most of these cases many of these patients do not have all their teeth present. An All on 4 procedures can be an alternative treatment but depending on case by case. The best solution is a rehabilitation for your mouth, when possible. Our dentists in Tijuana recommend an All on 4 procedure only if absolutely necessary to keep your teeth and rehabilitate them without needing to extract them (in many cases this is the best option).

Full Guide to getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico

We already saw in which cases a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico Treatment could be needed, now the next step is to determine which is the best option for you. A full evaluation is needed to determine the correct treatment plan. A complete study of X-rays (3D Ct Scan, X-rays and study models) is carried out and evaluated by our dentist in Tijuana. A review on treatment options and alternatives based on your direct needs and dental goals is then completed.

One of the points to keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future is for you have a personalized treatment plan printed and provided of your case. Our team of dentists in Mexico, will develop a plan according to your needs in which the following will be established: Treatments, costs, priorities of procedures, times and treatment scenarios. Once you and the specialist have discussed in length the course of action and agreed on the plan for you, we will start according to the priorities set out in the plan. The treatments could be related to:

  • Replace missing teeth through implants and restoration.
  • Replace total teeth through implants and fixed bridge of Zirconia Material (All on 4 System).
  • Replace total teeth through implants and fixed bridge of Acrylic Material (All on 4 System).
  • Replace total teeth through implants and removable denture (Snap Denture Treatment).
  • Permanent restoration using crowns and veneers.
  • Partial crown bridges.
  • Exposure of the healthy tooth structure to identify potential bridges or crowns (crown lengthening).
  • Bone grafting, soft tissue grafting and sinus lift (sinus lift & ridge augmentation).
  • Dental deep cleaning (prophylactic cleaning).

Often, when completing a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico, you will deal with different specialists to ensure that any dental treatment is performed to the highest standards.

How many days will I need for a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico?


The time varies depending on the case, the majority of patients who visit us arrive from great distances and are looking for options that do not involve many visits to the clinic, our team of dentists in Tijuana, follows a reconstruction protocol according to the combination of treatments to be performed, taking into consideration the importance of our patients’ time.

Procedures such as All on 4, Snap on Dentures and Implants normally have the stages defined by 90% in terms of recovery time and treatment time. We usually explain to our patients how the treatment will benefit, estimated time in visits and days needed for the final result.

It is very important to follow the instructions that our dentists in tijuana will suggest for the fulfillment of the plan. It is an important investment that you make, so it is very important to also follow the written instructions that we will be provided to you throughout the treatment.

Please read below a short example that provides us with an idea of the time that we require for a restoration of implants with crowns:



Full Mouth Reconstruction in Mexico Cost and Price Examples

In this example a patient comes from Oregon, has 4 teeth lacking in his mouth: 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom and also has discoloration of their front teeth and wear of them, as well as the discomfort of another tooth and has come to our dentist in Tijuana for a possible full mouth reconstruction in Mexico.

One option could be the restoration with a bridge to cover the space where the patient lacks teeth, but it is known that the lack of teeth produces a lack of bone over time and this even leads to aging of our appearance. Therefore, a restoration with implants is the best option in this case. The tooth that has discomfort will require a Root Canal treatment. In the case of wear and discoloration of the front teeth, a combination of crowns with the help of a whitening treatment will ensure a natural and new smile.


First Stage – Restoration with Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico

With the previous study of a Ct Scan we assure ourselves that the patient is a good candidate for implants, only 1 cc of bone graft will be placed (if necessary). Placement of 4 implants: 2 in the upper part and 2 in the lower part. According to the X-Rays studies (Ct Scan 3D, X-rays), a bone graft procedure will be necessary, which will be done in the same visit along with implant placement and Root Canal treatment. Our specialist will determine the placement of temporary teeth. In addition; The necessary Mock-up will be developed for the design of the patient’s new smile.

  • Visit: One (1) Estimated Time of 2 days.


Second Stage – Taking Impressions For Final Restoration

Five (5) months after the implant has successfully been integrated to the bone, the patient of our example is ready for his second visit. The impression for the final crowns are taken. For the 4 implants, and the impression for the crowns of the upper and lower front teeth. A total of 21 crowns will be placed(4 crowns on implants, 8 crowns on the top, 8 crowns on the lower part and 1 crown on the root canal)

  • Visit: Two(2) Estimated Time of 3-4 days.


Third Stage – Final Visit

After 4 weeks the patient is ready for final rehabilitation, during this visit the necessary adjustments of the patient’s bite will be made before cementing the final crowns. We understand the patient’s excitement about having their new teeth. This is one of the most important parts in the final restoration.

  • Visit: Two(3) Estimated Time of 3-4 days.

How much will this dental treatment of Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico cost vs US prices?

Summing up our example, the treatment for the total restoration of the Oregon patient’s in our dental clinic in Tijuana would be 16,752.

As you can see, compare with the total cost in USA the savings are incredible, even more so in treatments like the Full Mouth Reconstruction, which, being a combination of treatments, saves the cost in sidereal limits. The patient in this case will save almost 3 TIMES what he would have spent in the US.

Dental prices in Tijuana will guarantee savings in your dental treatment costs. But it is also very important to know the team of dentists who will attend you, reviews they may have on the internet and perhaps most importantly, THAT THEY ARE CERTIFIED DENTISTS, you are not only investing your money but also placing trust of your health and your dreams of a better lifestyle into someone else hands.

If you have any questions about this and other treatments, do not hesitate to call us at 1 (619) 906-7481. Our patient coordinators who are fluent in English and Spanish will help you along with our team of dentists in Tijuana to choose the best option for you.

Dental Procedure Our Clinic USA
1 Smile Design 300 700
4 Full Dental Implant Restoration (4 Titanium Implants + 4 Abutments Over Implants + 4 Zirconia Crowns) and extractions) 6,800 18.200
1 Bone Graft 1cc 450 1.600
1 Root Canal + Post 450 1,600
1 Crown over Root Canal 499 1400
16 Crown for Smile Makeover 7,990 24,400
1 Teeth Whitening 199 450
1 Dental Cleaning 70 190
3-4 Round trip Flights 850
10/ 5 Star Hotel Nights 1200
Total Cost 18,800 48,540