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Full Mouth Restoration with All on X Dental Implants- Raymond, Sacramento

Raymond came to visit our dental clinic in Tijuana from Santa Rosa, California. He had suffered a motorcycle accident that caused him to loose the majority of his teeth and caused severe damage to remaining ones. He took to start researching different options for Full mouth restorations in Tijuana and clinics who would offer this treatment to him.

When he contacted us he had been searching for dental clinics in Mexico for sometime now. However, after speaking with one of our patient coordinators, he confidently chose Smile4ever and our team of Doctors.

Due to the extensive damage and severe trauma caused by his accident to his mouth our doctor recommended a complete All on X on both arches which consists of 3 stages.
On the first stage, all teeth are removed and a temporary denture is placed. In his case, the second stage consisted of a bone regeneration. This ensured that there was sufficient bone for the placement of the implants. Once this was concluded 5 implants were placed on each arch.

The third and final stage was to place Full zirconia teeth over his implants. The treatment was completed in 2017. Since then Raymond has been visiting our dental clinic for his regular follow up appointments and has continued to take very good care of his teeth.