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Decay, accidents, and other issues can cause you to lose one or more teeth. However, full or partial dentures can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile. Save Thousands On Dentures in Mexico  with Smile 4 Ever Mexico.

If you’ve recently lost your teeth and received an immediate denture, it’s normal to find some tissue shrinkage and bone loss occurring. Therefore, in several months you may find that your immediate dentures no longer fit well.

You will have two choices at this point: You can have your immediate (temporary) dentures re-lined. This means that material is added under the denture’s base to better conform to the new contours of your alveolar ridge.

A better option is to move to a set of conventional full dentures, which will last longer and fit better. With proper care, dentures offer a functional, aesthetic and economical solution to the problem of tooth loss.

Dentures are almost always made to replace a full arch of teeth. They can be made to look like teeth (in case of acrylic dentures) or be 99% natural (if Zirconia material is used for all on restorations).  There is also an option to opt for partial dentures when there are still some units of teeth in the upper or lower arch.

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Types of Dentures in our Tijuana Dental Clinic?


Conventional Dentures

These types of dentures are placed when the teeth are extracted and it has been an extended period after the healing of the gums.


Immediate Dentures

We use it almost in every case of All on 4 treatment, so that the patient can return home after the placement of implants with teeth. The process involves taking impressions of your teeth before beginning the surgery, and the placement of the same after the surgery. Please keep in mind that in this type of denture, the adjustment may not be 100%. This is due to certain factors, such as normal inflammation after surgery that can move minimally the predefined adjustment and in some cases it will be necessary to readjust it. You may experience pain or difficulty speaking or chewing, this is normal, this will lessen as the days go by and your mouth gets used to the new teeth.


Fixed Dentures

It is perhaps the most desired by our patients who want complete rehabilitation. In fact; it is the most functional as it is fixed to the implants and those being ZIRCONIA (we must take into account the difference between dentures of Zirconia, Acrylic or coated Acrylic of Porcelain) guarantee durability and above all they look 99% natural.

How Works the Dentures in Tijuana?

Depending on the type of dentures that are placed, the time will be determined, conventional dentures should be ready in 2 visits.

Immediate dentures are placed after implant surgeries and fixed dentures can take up about 3 weeks if a rehabilitation of 2 arches is done on being ready.

The process of denture placement in Mexico is the same as what your local dentist would follow.

A series of impressions and measurements are taken at the first appointment, then they are sent to our dental laboratory for their manufacture.

Depending on your assigned treatment plan our dentists in Tijuana will place the type of denture indicated in the plan at the next visit and if it is necessary to make some adjustments it, will be done in the same visit until you feel comfortable and natural teeth when biting.

Dentures in Tijuana Mexico

What is the cost of a denture in Tijuana??

As we have seen, the price will depend on the type of denture. Conventional and immediate dentures commonly handle a pattern of similar prices. The big difference is in the fixed dentures. Why? Many factors come into play here to determine the type of fixed denture that will be placed depending on the material to be used. Do not be surprised by the type of material that you offer for your fixed restorations on implants. The dentist must be very specific with the type of material he will use for the restoration. Which would be the following:


Removable Dentures

  1. Dentures are removable tooth prosthetics designed to look and function like natural teeth. For thousands of years, some form of denture has been used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, although today’s dentures are much more advanced and easier to care for. Most dentures are composed of replacement teeth attached to plastic bases that take on the appearance of the gums. They are used to compensate for one or more missing teeth, and are available as partials and complete sets of teeth.


Fixed Acrylic Dentures

  1. They are the least expensive and the one that dentists in Mexico usually offer for final implant restoration. The big advantage is the price, but they tend to be fragile and do not look natural (30% natural look). Also, regular maintenance is necessary for due to the type of material they are made of.


Fixed Acrylic / Resin Dentures

  1. They are almost as acrylic dentures, but reinforced with high resistence resin that gives a more natural look, but is no longer the best option for a final restoration. 


Fixed Dentures of Zirconia

  1. They are the high range quality of final restorations. This type of material is the most durable and gives a 99% natural look to its restoration. Zirconia restorations achieve a bite and a smile that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth and gums. In Smile 4 Ever Mexico the advantage of having our laboratory helps us to offer fixed dentures of Zirconia at a much lesser price than another dental clinics in Tijuana. Call us or fill out the contact form if you would like to know more about this and other dental treatments
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When you visit our clinic, your will agree that our clinic and facilities are at the same standards as the ones in US and Canada and when you meet our staff, you’ll find that we’re one of those few that really value their customers. Our moder clinic is clean, sterile, and comfortable.

Furthermore, our Mexico dentists come with the highest quality of dentistry education, training, and continuing education in dental care development and advanced technologies.

More than the facilities, education, and experience of our Tijuana dentists, our low cost dentures procedure are in accordance with American and Canadian standards.

Our low cost dentures are basically of the same quality as the ones you get at higher prices in the US since we import our supplies from there. The only difference is the price which is due to currency differences that’s why we’re able to offer as much as 70% savings when you have your dental work done with us.

Try comparing denture cost in America with our rates in Mexico and you’ll see a huge difference.

Snap on Dentures Mexico US 5000 per Arch


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US High Quality at Tijuana Dental Price’s

How much Is The Denture Cost In Mexico?


Dental Procedure USA COST $ Our clinic $
Inmmediate Denture 1,200 200
Complete Denture 2,000 500
Porcelain Denture 3,500 1,200
Snap On Dentures (per arch) 14,000 – 16,000 5,000