At Smile 4 Ever Mexico, we’re a team of dentists in Tijuana, passionate about helping your smile.

We offer many dental services such as general and cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, implantology, and more. Our dental clinic in Tijuana has skilled and caring practitioners. They provide high-quality care in a friendly setting.

Dentists at Tijuana

Dr. Gonzales

Dr. Gonzales, a graduate of Puebla University, has a 10-year experience as a dental surgeon. He specializes in implant oral surgery. His studies include honors from the Mexican Center of Specialists (Oral Surgery). Dr. Gonzales keeps up with new dental trends and technologies. His work in restorative and implant dentistry made him an international leader in oral surgery.


Dr. Cooper

Dr. T. R. Cooper is an experienced dentist. She graduated with honors in 1998 from the Faculty of Stomatology, U.A.S.L.P. in Mexico. Her general dentistry and prosthodontics background comes from helping at her family dental clinic. Dr. Cooper provides caring dental care, supported by her time at IMSS Clinic 32. She keeps learning and has certificates in dental aesthetics and prosthodontics. She earned a Bichectomies Certificate in 2018 and a TKT certification from Cambridge University.

Dr. Gallegos

Dr. Gallegos

Dr. Gallegos graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Dentistry. She’s committed to making an impact in dental care. With three years of hands-on experience, she’s shown her skill and commitment to quality care. Her passion for oral health and ongoing learning makes her a skilled dentist. Dr. Gallegos is ready to make a lasting difference for her patients.


Magda. OM

With over 20 years in patient care and support, Magda is an experienced dental office manager who excels in running smooth dental practices. Her duties not only include managing schedules but also overseeing patient relations, supervising staff, and handling finances. Additionally, she stays current with dental regulations, HIPAA guidelines, and OSHA needs. By doing so, she helps ensure the office meets all legal and ethical standards. Furthermore, Magda’s vital role keeps a positive work environment, enabling the dental team to deliver top care to patients.

Tijuana Dentists Approve By Patients From All Over The World

At Smile 4 Ever Mexico, we are proud of each patient’s story, and that’s why we aim to share their stories with you. From individuals who underwent smile transformations to those who achieved a brand new set of teeth through dental implant procedures, we invite you to discover their firsthand experiences. Firstly, hear their testimonials, and then gain insight into the exceptional care we provide. Just like them, you too can partner with the best Tijuana dentists in Mexico, and finally reclaim the smile you’ve been longing for.

Why Choose Smile 4 Ever Mexico For Your Dental Work in Tijuana?

You don’t have to wait longer than needed to get the smile you want. No matter what kind of treatment you are looking for, we can restore your teeth in record time, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and dentists in each specialty.

We know that one of the main reasons you have opted for dental tourism in Mexico is because of the more affordable costs. At Smile 4 Ever Mexico, you can save on average 60% to 70% compared to countries like the U.S. or Canada.

In addition to the great savings on your treatment, you can also enjoy the best dental vacation in Mexico. Our clinic in Tijuana has the advantage of having the best hotel partenrs in the city.

Tijuana dentists prices

How We Make Your Dental Travel To Mexico Easier?

We know that taking a trip to Mexico is an important decision for you. At our Tijuana Dentists clinic, we want every patient to have the best experience possible. For that reason, we not only focus on quality care but also offer multiple benefits that will make your stay much more enjoyable.

Shuttle Service

We offer transportation from the airport to the clinic and your accommodation during your stay.

Lodging Assistance

If you don’t know where to stay, we can recommend the best hotels close to our clinic for you to enjoy your visit.

English-Speaking Dentists

The entire team OF Smile 4 Ever Mexico speaks English. You won’t have to worry about a language barrier.

Get the Best Dental Work with Tijuana Dentists

woman smiling with her new smile in Tijuana dentist

Find The Dental Solution You Really Need

With our experience in dental tourism in Mexico, we’ve created the most complete dental service at Tijuana dentists’ prices. Not only are we the clinic with the most dental treatments available, but we also have specialists for every branch of dentistry. This is how we can guarantee that, with our comprehensive care, you will go home with a smile.

So What Are You Waiting For!

Full mouth reconstruction in Mexico can significantly transform your dental health, making daily functions like chewing and speaking easier. Furthermore, the aesthetics of a restored smile can also bring about a much-needed boost in self-esteem.

Whether you require full mouth dental implants in Mexico or a comprehensive restoration with porcelain crowns, these interventions are carried out with the utmost care and diligence. While the atmosphere in our clinics is welcoming and relaxed, the seriousness and importance we attribute to your oral health remain paramount.

Full-mouth reconstruction in Tijuana, Mexico, offers an accessible and high-quality solution to comprehensive dental restoration.