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Looking for a less expensive dentists in Mexico? Check out our Tijuana dental prices

Welcome to Mexico! Surely you came to our page looking for a Tijuana dentist. We invite you to know experience how innovation, knowledge and technology can achieve incredible results. From a simple dental cleaning procedure to a total mouth restoration. The new generation of dentists in Tijuana can help you achieve that change you have been looking for or eliminate that discomfort you have and that prevents you from eating normally. Smile 4 Ever Mexico invites you to get the best dental result with US standards at Tijuana mexico prices.

One of our greatest selling points is that we are a very less expensive dentist in Tijuana. Most of the U.S. patients come to Tijuana dentist to enjoy huge savings for dental work in Tijuana Mexico. Our prices are usually 70% to 80% LOWER than those of most key cities in the United States.

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Stacey - All on 4 Dental Implants

Our Services

Why Choose us the Best Dentists in Tijuana For Your Tooth Restoration?

Our dental clinic in Tijuana is equipped with the best of dental care professionals, and have been well trained with patients from all over the world. Our dental surgeons in Tijuana are experts in our fields of dental care, implants and full mouth reconstruction. Tijuana dentist prices are unbelievably low and a stable fort affordable dentist in Tijuana while providing top quality work.

Our goal is to offer modern dental care services with utmost care and one can experience lots of high end treatment by trained professionals. Our Tijuana dentist prices are stunningly low and are as much as 70% as compared to prices of the US clinics.

Why choose Smile 4 Ever Mexico your Tijuana Dental Clinic?

When it comes to Tijuana dental care, why not choose the best services available at the lowest possible price. Tijuana dentist prices are quite reasonable and one can expect to save a lot of money for dental work in Tijuana.

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Javier Full Mouth Crowns – CA

A few more important points about Tijuana Dentists in Mexico

  • Latest and modern treatments to treat dental issues.
  • Best Tijuana dentist prices.
  • Specialized permit to practice special dental procedures.
  • Strict safety regulations when dealing with patients.
  • Transportation services for international patients to San Diego Airport.
  • Latest X ray technology and Ct Scan 3d that imparts less harm to the patient.
  • OSHA safety regulations.

With all of the above mentioned, all dental facilities are available under one roof and also under a trusted name, it is advised to choose Tijuana dental clinic.

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Elizabeth - California, All on 4 Dental Implants




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All on 4 Dental Implants Cost in México



Meet Our Team

Our dental team consists of Tijuana’s best qualified dentists each specialized to treat every dental need treatments, advanced cosmetics, dental implants, and and even full oral rehabilitation .

Our aim is to offer the type of dentistry that our patients want. With flexible timing, transparent pricing, a full explanation of treatments, excellent customer care, and after-care service – our goal is to exceed your expectations at every step of your treatment.

Conventional All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico 2-3 VISITS

Minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction

All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico or All on X is the solution to dentures at very reasonable Tijuana dentist prices, without sacrificing the quality of the services rendered. Our Tijuana dentists and dental surgeon specialists here in the city are experienced in placing the ALL on 4 or All on X dental implants system and at the same time, you will be saving lots on dental implants in Tijuana.

All on 4 and All on X with PROARCH at two VISITS

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Straumann Pro Arch system at our clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. This wonderful technology vastly reduces both treatment sessions and healing times, which in turn reduces complexity of the entire treatment process without compromising the outcome. From planning and implant placement to the final restoration, the entire treatment is seamless for the patient.

How does ‘Pro-Arch’ work?

The ‘Pro-Arch’ concept works by placing dental 4-6 implants in strategic positions to help support a fixed bridge. We can provide a fixed or removable restoration depending on individual needs The flexibility of the system allows us to treat even the most complex cases The temporary restoration (i.e. teeth/bridge) can be fitted on the same day

When it comes to dental care, why not choose the best services available at the lowest possible price. Tijuana dentist prices are quite reasonable and one can expect to save a lot of money here.


Snap on Dentures in Mexico Full Mouth US 9,998

Get a snap on smile with Snap In Dentures and our dental clinic in Mexico from USD 5,000 and save up to 70%.

Is it possible to get low-cost Snap Dentures in Mexico? The answer is yes. In Mexico, denture implants cost much less than in the United States. The high rising cost of dental treatments in U.S. is unreachable for many. American patients fly to Mexico looking for low-cost dental implants and less expansive dentures in Tijuana.

Here at our dental clinic in Tijuana, you will still pay only a fraction of the cost compared to the dental prices in America. You will get savings over 70% on Snap On Dentures in Mexico cost. The cost of dentures in Mexico we provide is none compared to the satisfaction of being able to eat again all you want and the best news is that we can perform this treatment in 2 visits!.

Best Dentists in Tijuana Mexico
Larry - CA, Snap on Dentures in Mexico

Dental Implants in Mexico from US 899

Keep your smile with dental implants in Tijuana at Mexico’s cost

Replacing a missing tooth with dental implants in Tijuana can give you back the joy of eating normally again.

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth you know how difficult and even painful. It can be to eat the foods that you love. Replacing a missing tooth with dental implants in Tijuana can give you back the joy of eating normally again.

A computerized treatment plan will be made and printed, which will be reviewed between the doctor and the patient. Our Tijuana Dental implant specialist will provide you with the best options for your particular case.

The cost for a dental implant in EEUU is around $4,500. You should be able to get the “actual” implant (the part that screws into the bone) for about $799 in our dental clinic. How you restore it will determine your ultimate price. The good news in that our dentists in Tijuana make the extraction, place a titanium implant and make the final restoration of ZIRCONIA by $1,698. Our Tijuana dental prices definitely are the best option without sacrifice the quality.

Susan - LA, Dental Implants

Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico

Full Mouth restorations combines multiple restorative surgical and cosmetic procedures. You can Reinvent Yourself from $5,000 $10,000 and $15,000 in our dental clinic in Tijuana

The process of getting your full mouth restoration in Mexico will not only improve aesthetics but it will also provide you with the correct function of your bite.Tijuana dentistry for: Full Mouth Reconstruction, Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Full Mouth Restorations all practically mean the same treatments, these terms are used to indicate extensive and intensive restorative procedures in which the occlusion plane is modified in many aspects to accomplish “equilibrium”.

If you think you might need a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico please follow the link below to know how our specialists in cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana can you help you to improve your smile.

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Javier - CA, Full Mouth Restoration

Dental Crowns in Tijuana – Tijuana Dentist Price US 499

Quality Dental Crowns in Mexico. Get Your Smile in Shape. Free Consultation, Personalized Dental And Cosmetic Care

$2,300 for each crown in San Francisco! This is true. In the US each crown is 5 to 6 times more than dental crowns in Tijuana. Dental crowns are one of our star procedures at our dental clinic in Tijuana. Our expert cosmetic dentists in Mexico can make amazing tooth design by $499 USD.

Also our dentists in Tijuana will recommend the best type of crown for your dental restoration needs based on the chewing placement and structure of the tooth or implant that requires protection. All that you need know about dental crowns in Tijuana, stages and costs you can find following the link below.

Dental Crowns in Mexico
Margarita, CA - Dental Crowns

Root Canal in Tijuana US 350

Same-day. No need to wait weeks to get an appointment with a US dentist. Say bye to the pain. Root Canal in Tijuana from USD 350

First, schedule with our dental specialist in Root Canal with a specialist in endodoncy in Tijuana. He will give you a go signal whether you do need a root canal or not. He will also explain your options other than a root canal therapy. This will help you decide on what’s best for your long-term dental health.

With just a few hours of driving, you can save up to 70% by visiting our dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico for a root canal. Tijuana dentist prices of a root canal in Mexico is only $350. In the US, the cost is around $1,400 to $2,300.

Root Canal Mexico Cost from
Mattew from CA - Root Canal

Porcelain Veneers in Tijuana

Quality Dental Crowns. Get Your Smile in Shape. Free Consultation, Personalized Dental And Cosmetic Care

With porcelain veneers in Tijuana, both offered at our practice, we can mask these minor cosmetic imperfections to revitalize the smile. These tooth-shaped dental prosthetic, roughly the thickness of an egg shell, are placed on the surfaces of the front teeth to act as a facade, masking flaws while creating a uniform, natural and healthy appearance.

A veneer is a thinner porcelain material that goes in front of your teeth. The advantage getting veneers in Tijuana is that our cosmetic dentist in Mexico does not have to remove as much tooth structure as a dental crown. The disadvantage of a veneer is that it is not as strong as a crown. They are more prone to chipping or dislodging.

Porcelain veneers mexico cost from
Mila from Ukrania - Veneers