Teeth Whitening in Tijuana

Teeth whitening in Tijuana is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments among our patients from abroad that are looking for Tijuana Dentists. Discover prices, benefits, and timeframes for enhancing your smile.

teeth whitening in Tijuana

Getting a teeth whitening treatment is a quick,non-invasive, and affordable way to give your teeth a brighter look. If you have moderately stained teeth caused by eating or smoking habits, or you just want to have greater-looking teeth, this treatment is right for you.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost In Mexico?

By coming to our dental clinic in Tijuana, you will have a variety of options for teeth whitening in Tijuana: In Office for $200 USD, Home Office $200 USD, and Special for Cleaning and Whitening $200 USD.

Teeth whitening in Tijuana Mexico

Teeth Whitening Office

USD 200

best teeth whitening in tijuana

Teeth Whitening Home Kit

USD 200

patient with dental cleaning in Tijuana

Dental Cleaning + Whitening

USD 250

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Tijuana
At Smile 4 Ever Mexico

Teeth whitening has a number of benefits. The clearest benefit is that it improves the look and aesthetic of your teeth and smile. After teeth whitening, your smile will reveal a set of healthy white teeth that makes your smile brighter and enhances your overall appearance. This will lead to a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. Not only that, but teeth whitening can also help kill harmful bacteria in your teeth that can cause tooth decay or gum disease over time.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening in Tijuana?

Anyone who has discolored teeth is a good candidate for teeth whitening. This usually includes those who heavily consume coffee, tea, or tobacco products, as these substances tend to stain the teeth. The only people who may not be a good candidate for teeth whitening are those who have extremely sensitive teeth, oral cancer, or periodontal disease. Also, those who have worn down tooth enamel may not be eligible for teeth whitening. All cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues should be addressed prior to teeth whitening.

How Long Will It Take For Teeth Whitening Treatments To Show Results?

Exactly how long results take will very much depend on the type of whitening treatment you choose. There are two main types of whitening treatment:

1. In-chair treatment. This occurs at our dental clinic in Tijuana when our dentist applies whitening solution to your teeth. A special light may also be used to help lift stains from the surface of the tooth. It’s a quick and effective treatment that can occur in a single visit.

2. At-home treatment. You can whiten your teeth at home over the course of a few weeks with a special whitening kit from our dental team. Our dentists in Tijuana will create a mold of your teeth, which you fill with whitening gel and wear over your teeth. Doing this, you can gradually build up the whiteness of your teeth over time, in the comfort of your own home.

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Your visit to our clinic will feel like being at your local dentist. Our dental office has all the amenities to make your stay comfortable, before and during your treatment. All our staff has an advanced level of English and will have no problem talking to you and answering your questions. Our team consists of the most capable, efficient and professional personnel which practice all aspects of general, cosmetic, implant and biological dentistry with the utmost respect for your safety, comfort, and outcome of treatment.

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