Tijuana Mexican Dental Tourism: An Overview

Are you from Canada or the USA and are you looking for dental treatment in Mexico? You are in the right place, here you will know everything you need to know before making the decision to travel to Mexico. Costs, flights, treatment timeline, security, financing, guarantees, etc.

Many of our patients are looking for a radical change either because they don’t like their smile, because they lost it due to some traumatic event in their lives and that irremediably affects the self-esteem and opportunities they may face daily in personal relationships, work, etc. Or for health and they are thinking about other options to make that change or fix that dental problem, also added to the high cost of dental treatments in their country of origin.

Surely you are wondering if it is a good idea to travel to Mexico, we can tell you that Tijuana is one of the most important tourist dental destinations in the world, in fact, recent studies reveal that on average 1 million Canadians and 4 million USA citizens annually visit the Tijuana border for their dental treatment and approximately triple the number of American citizens for the same reason. Dental tourism in this part of the continent provides Canadian and American visitors not only with the best price but in many cases the same quality of dental treatment as in the United States.

Dental tourim in mexico

Reasons to come to Mexico for dental tourism.

  1. The high costs of dental treatments in Canada and the USA.
  2. Some clinics do not allow health insurance.
  3. Long wait times in their own country to get the dental care they need.

Time is a very important factor, faster doesn’t mean the quality will be inferior, Dentists in Tijuana are used to a slightly different way of dentistry. The high volume of foreign patients has made the dental treatment processes more meticulous and helped by the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, make dental treatments such as dental implants in Mexico, all on 4 dental implants in Mexico, veneres, full mouth reconstruction can be finished in less time with really incredible results as you can see if you continue reading this article. As those topics arrive, Dental Tourism in Mexico becomes today one of the most popular destinations in Latin America. Even year after year, the number of patients who travel abroad for dental treatment increases considerably.

1.-Why Tijuana?

As we saw earlier every year hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans decide to visit Mexico for their dental treatment, the pleasant climate of the Californias contrasts with the frigid cold of Canada or some parts of the USA. Well-known Dr. Valorie Crooks, a researcher with Simon Fraser University’s medical tourism group, comments, “There is a very strong word-of-mouth network in relation to Canadians accessing care abroad.” It also refers anyone who wishes to seek dentistry in another country to do as much research as possible and have contingency plans in case something almost goes wrong. We will try to help you in this guide to see all the possible scenarios to make your dental treatment a success.

tijuana mexico

When choosing a destination for dental tourism, the convenience and accessibility of Tijuana set it apart, making it a superior choice over destinations like Cancun or Los Algodones. Nestled just across the US border, Tijuana offers the unparalleled advantage of being a domestic flight away for many Americans and Canadians, eliminating the complexities and long durations associated with international travel. This proximity is not just about ease of access; it’s about peace of mind. Should the need for a quick return arise, whether for a follow-up or an unforeseen issue, the logistical simplicity of getting back to Tijuana is unmatched.

Moreover, while the allure of Cancun’s vacation spots is undeniable, the reality of post-dental treatment recovery often means patients can’t fully indulge in such destinations’ recreational activities. Tijuana’s urban charm and cultural vibrancy offer a more suitable, low-key environment for recuperation without the feeling of missing out on beachside adventures.

2.- Choosing your dentist in Tijuana.

With the high costs of local dentists, the decision to travel for major dental treatments to Mexico is an option to consider. If you’re at this point, you’re probably thinking about whether it’s safe to visit a dentist in Tijuana.

An important aspect that many Canadians study is the safety of the city. There are many stories about whether Tijuana is a safe city. Fortunately, many stories from patients who have visited this part of Mexico agree that, for a dental tourist, Tijuana is much safer than other tourist destinations in Mexico.

The cost of living in Tijuana is much lower than in Canada or the U.S., therefore the prices of dentistry are lower. Operating and maintenance costs are lower and this positively affects the lower cost of dental prices in Mexico. Tijuana, being a border city with San Diego, has many advantages not only in the crossing from city to city but also in the logistical aspect of materials, technology, etc., its proximity to the USA and California guarantees the continuous supply of first-class material and access to the latest in modern dentistry.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re from Canada or the U.S. and you’re researching dental work options in Mexico are:

3.- Dentist Credentials:

Making sure your dentist is properly licensed and credentialed is one of the first things to check. Likewise, more invasive treatments such as dental implants in Mexico, All on 4 dental implants, snap on dentures, root canals require extra skills to ensure the success of the treatment. A specialty in implants, root canals, etc. can make a big difference. Unfortunately, just like in the U.S, general dentists want to perform all kinds of dental procedures without having the proper preparation to perform them. Checking that your dentist in Tijuana meets the correct requirements according to the treatment you will receive, is a factor that can decide that your dental treatment in Mexico is the best.

4.- Check Reviews

It’s another point to keep in mind. What a clinic says is what a clinic says, but what do the patients of that clinic say? That’s what really matters. Testimonials written by the patients themselves, video testimonials, etc., can give us a better vision of the clinic we want for our smile change.

Following these initial points you will be ready to choose which dental clinic in Mexico is the one you were looking for, in that decision making it is good that you also evaluate other aspects, such as the ones you will see below.

5.- Check that the estimates they give you don’t have hidden prices:

While it is true to be able to determine a patient’s treatment plan remotely. The amount of a dental procedure can be approximated, it is very important that you can help by providing photos, some studies such as X-rays that you have. Also, being a long trip, a virtual consultation with your dentist before traveling can solve many doubts. These factors will help bring your treatment plan as close as possible to what you need. Remember that you are traveling from Canada or USA, do not underestimate the details and not underestimating them means saving money and most importantly, saving time.

Tijuana Dental prices vs EU and Canadá Price:

Before touching on the pricing section, there is an important detail to consider. If you travel for treatments that involve surgeries such as dental implants, keep in mind that you will not go on vacation, in fact, one of the main precautions you should have after surgery is that you should not expose yourself to the sun, imagine your mouth swollen after a surgical treatment, the heat of the sun will only aggravate your condition (pain, inflammation common in all surgery). We comment on this detail in case you are looking for a beach destination in Mexico for your dental treatment, even more so if you are going to have this type of procedure.

Patient with dental implants in tijuana

Definitely, the cost is the biggest attraction for which visitors from Canada and the USA see Mexico and particularly Tijuana as the best destination for their dental treatment. Inflation and high insurance costs make Tijuana a top destination for dental tourism today. Let’s go over some price comparisons of the most requested treatments on this side of the border:

We quote the source of FAIR health (https://www.fairhealthconsumer.org/), here you can see a comparison of dental costs in the USA (the cost in Canada varies slightly and taking the Canadian and US exchange rates as a reference the value is an even higher in Canada)
For example, the cost of a crown is between 1,800-2,200 dollars compared to the 499 that you can regularly find in our clinic in Tijuana, if we take as a reference for example a partial smile change that involves 8 units, we are talking about a saving of up to 13K.

Another highly sought-after treatment is full-mouth rehabilitation using implants called All on 4. In the U.S. or Canada only the fixed final prosthesis (does not include implants, abutments, x-rays, Ct Scan 3D, etc.) has a cost of 8,824 dll taking the same portal as a reference and in Tijuana you can with that money cover the payment of a complete arch rehabilitation. Ask about our All on 4 One Visit.
For more price references, visit our pricing section here: https://smile4evermexico.com/mexico-dental-prices/

Preparing Your Trip for Your Dental Work in Mexico

How long will it take me to get there? How will I get to the clinic if I don’t know anything about Tijuana? What do I need to bring? These and more questions are surely already on your mind. The great advantage of traveling to Tijuana, unlike other destinations in Mexico, is the proximity of San Diego (10 minutes from San Diego airport to Tijuana) and for example the average cost of a round trip flight from Vancouver to San Diego is around USD 550.00, from Portland to San Diego is around USD 178.00 (Flight to San Diego is much less expensive fox example; the same flight from Portland to Cancun is around USD 514.00). Some clinics offer shuttle service from the San Diego airport to Tijuana. They are few, but it is worth taking advantage of this service, much more if we travel with some cash, it is much safer, remember the details.

Surely if you are making an important trip you have already checked the prices, it will also help that the clinic you are thinking of visiting has “All-Inclusive” packages, these have the advantage of offering combined treatments with nights in a hotel.

Americans and Canadians traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, typically need the following:

  1. Passport: While a passport is always recommended for international travel, for land crossings into Mexico, U.S. and Canadian citizens may also use other Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant documents such as a passport card, Enhanced Driver’s License, or Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST).
  2. If you are driving in: You will need a valid driver’s license.
  3. Selecting the Right Dental Clinic: Your first step is finding a reputable dental clinic. Clinics like Smile4Ever Mexico specialize in catering to American and Canadian patients, offering services like all-on-4 implants, veneers, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry. Look for clinics with qualified professionals, positive reviews, and experience in treating international patients.
  4. Communication is Key: Most staff at dental clinics in Tijuana are proficient in English, easing communication barriers. However, it’s always prudent to confirm this beforehand to ensure there are no misunderstandings during your treatment.
  5. Staying Connected: Phone Coverage: Ensure you have reliable phone coverage in Mexico. Contact your mobile service provider to check if your plan includes international roaming in Mexico or if you need to purchase a specific travel package. Staying connected is crucial, especially for navigating, emergency contacts, and keeping in touch with the clinic.
  6. Accommodation and Transportation: Plan your stay in Tijuana carefully. Some clinics, like smile4ever Mexico, have partnerships with local hotels offering special rates for patients. Also, consider how you will travel within the city. Many clinics provide transportation from your hotel to the clinic, which can be a convenient option.
  7. Understanding Payment and Insurance Options: Knowing the accepted payment methods is crucial. Whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, or cash, ensure you have a plan. Importantly, if you intend to pay with a credit or debit card, notify your bank beforehand. Transactions in a foreign country can sometimes trigger security blocks on your cards, so preemptive communication with your bank is essential. Additionally, understand whether your dental insurance will cover the costs, and inquire about any insurance reimbursement options available at the clinic.
  8. Post-Treatment Care: Inquire about the follow-up care provided by the clinic. Understanding the support available, especially once you return home, is crucial for your peace of mind and continued dental health.
  9. Exploring Tijuana: While the primary goal is dental care, the trip can also be a cultural experience. Tijuana offers various attractions, and safe tourist spots can add a pleasant dimension to your visit.
  10. Safety First: Emergency Contacts – Always have a list of emergency contacts, including your home country’s local embassy or consulate, readily available for unexpected situations.
  11. Final Thoughts: That’s it, you’re almost all set for your trip. Since you have taken into account some important points, the trip will have a good chance of being a success. You’re sure to be anxious and expectant for what will be a radical smile change.

Welcome to Mexico!! You’re already 30% advanced on your way. Now the important thing is to corroborate your expectations with the doctor of your chosen Clinic.

For patients who perform complex treatments such as all on 4, full mouth reconstruction, smile makover, normally the clinic of your choice will provide you with all the facilities of transportation, accommodation, etc.

On your first visit it is very important to expose your expectations, fears, talk to your concierge and your dentist will help clear all those doubts you have about your treatment and help the team of dentists provide you with the best options for your case. Remember each person has their own expectations, a personalized plan is necessary for each patient.

Review options, costs, financing options (normally a well-established clinic is associated with U.S. financing partners, some with coverage in Canada) at this point it is very important to see your payment options. Sometimes financing may seem attractive, but in the long run it can be a headache, maybe your plan may have payment options that you hadn’t contemplated, talk to your concierge about these options.

If you have already decided and approved your treatment plan, read your guarantees very well (time per treatment), these vary according to the procedure you are undergoing, it is very important to review your guarantee in writing and see what it covers and what is asked of you to make it valid, complying with what is detailed there not only gives you peace of mind about your dental work received,  it will also help preserve your restoration for as long as possible.

The day of your dental treatment in Tijuana

This is where the big change begins. You come from another country for sure with many fears, believe us we understand it perfectly, dentistry in this part of the country is very different from the rest of Mexico. Time is crucial for our patient, the machine must be well oiled, the internal processes of the Clinic must be well coordinated in order to meet the estimated deadlines.

Depending on the type of procedure you are requesting, your appointments will be scheduled. It is very common in more demanding treatments such as All on 4, Full Mouth that we give it higher priority (it does not mean that the others are not) but in these cases we try to schedule as few patients as possible so that our team dedicates itself fully to your procedure. Transfers to hotels, airports, clinics, rehabilitation surgeries and countless cases help us to perfect time, dedication and efforts.

Welcome to Smile 4 Ever Mexico

Depending on the type of treatment you have chosen, you may not come back again. A crucial point is to follow all the recommendations you received from our team of dentists in Tijuana. Smile4ever Mexico or the clinic of your choice will help you with your itinerary and transportation to the airport. It’s time to enjoy your new smile and why not a new start in life. Smile transformations change lives. But the most important thing is that you really feel good about yours and that combined with smiling again without any fear will make that radical change you were looking for. Good luck, we hope to see you soon at Tijuana…!

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